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Friday, May 11, 2012

Secondhand Clothing Stores

Have you ever bought clothes from a thrift store? (See my poll on the right side of the page)
I've bought clothes from thrift stores before, and I don't see anything wrong with it! I get the impression that most people would cringe at the idea of that, but it is a great way to save money.

I've gotten some great deals....while some of you are out spending $50 on 1 item, I can buy that 1 4 others, for less than $50!

Gap Denim Skirt, $49.95
Gap Denim Skirt (practically the same one,) $12

As a young adult often struggling with money, it is my best option for finding cute clothes from stores other than Target.  So I can have a closet full of Ann Taylor, Gap, Urban Outfitters, and Calvin Klein for sooo much less money than malls or other stores.  As long as it fits, and it doesn't look worn or anything, I'll buy it.  I just wash it before I wear it, and it's like nothing!

I don't buy ALL my clothes secondhand,  but I am always looking for sales, coupons, and other good deals at any store.  I don't think I have bought anything full price in a long time.

Even my favorite brand of jeans, Vigoss, I get for $20-$25 at CoHoes, Kohls, or TJ Maxx.  I always see the retail price above the $19.99 TJ Maxx tag, but I don't believe it is actually the "actual retail price" until I saw the same Vigoss jeans for sale at a Saks outlet recently for $60!  :-O

I point all this stuff out to my boyfriend too and he agrees with me, because we are both young and trying to save money....although my money problems are worse than his.  However, he did just buy a pair of American Eagle khakis on clearance at the AE website.  They were listed at $19.99, marked down from $39.99.  At checkout, they showed to be $13.99!! Wow! With shipping, he did pay $20, but I couldn't find a coupon code. :-/  Oh well, he still saved almost $20!

Suggestions for people looking to save money: -- great way to find coupon codes for online shopping at so many stores and online stores.  For example, I bought some stuff online at Kohls.  It was buy 2 get 1 half off (or free, don't remember.)  Then at checkout some discount was applied, and then I found a coupon code which knocked it down more!  I think the bill was reduced from $70 to $40

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Cohoes, Burlington Coat Factory -- great place to shop.  Jeans for $19.99, shorts for $12.99, cute dress for $12.99

Thrift stores -- online secondhand shop.  (Just don't buy the skirt I have my eye on!  It's still there...waiting for me! )  ;-)

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