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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub

After using the same generic foaming cleanser for a few years, on a whim I bought a trial size bottle of Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub.  I decided it was time for something new.  I was hoping maybe a better product would improve my skin.  My skin is somewhat oily and acne prone.

I used it that evening before bed for the first time.  After drying off my face, my face felt so fresh, free, and clean!  I really feel like a lot of junk was washed away!  

The scrub wasn't too harsh; as I have used "scrubs" before that were too intense and abrasive.  Also, the scent of this is nice and mild and not overly perfumed as is other face washes I have used before.  In the few months since I began using this, my face feels fresher all day, and I don't get as much oiliness as in the past.  I also feel like I have less breakouts then before.

Biore products are very easy to find; CVS, Walmart, Target, Harmon Cosmetics, etc.

I definitely recommend this to anyone! 

I know not many people read my blog...yet...but I will giveaway 1 full-size bottle, and 1 trial size bottle to a person who leaves a very helpful comment on this post relating to blogging tips, how to get products to review, ways to improve my blog, etc!

Check out all their products at: 



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  3. Keep trying. I definitely agree about the blog hops. You get a lot of exposure. And give away lots of stuff!! :) Thanks!


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  5. Maybe have more contests.

  6. My tip is to go out and comment on other blogs - not only will you get more traffic and comments, but sometimes companies see your comments on posts and will contact you for reviews because of that! :)

  7. I'm going to have to try this scrub out! I think it could help out my skin. A good idea to help increase traffic on the blog is to link up your blog to other blogs, networking, and of course, giveaways! Thanks :)

  8. I would suggest reading and commenting on lots of other blogs, very time consuming but well worth the effort. Good luck!